All About DIUs and Criminal Law

Attorney Charles Wheland is an accomplished attorney who specializes in DUIs, divorce, and criminal law cases for clients in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mr. Wheland and his staff are dedicated to providing their clients with all the services of a large corporate firm, but with the personal attention that only a boutique office can provide.

Can a DUI Hurt My Job Prospects?

If a DUI case is not handled properly, then it can in fact hurt a person's future job prospects. People have been discriminated against by employers because of their previous legal histories.

How to Handle an Amicable Divorce

Divorce cases should ideally be wrapped up before the court process begins, since cases that are dragged through court are usually less than ideal. Both parties should be open to the idea of mediation, whenever possible.

What to Look For In a Criminal Lawyer

A good criminal lawyer should have more than just a robust resume. As Mr. Wheland explains, criminal lawyers should make sure to listen to their clients and offer insight into what their clients can expect throughout the legal process.


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